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Incredible Indian Breakfasts for a Healthy Diet

Incredible Indian Breakfasts for a Healthy Diet

Surprised to hear about the combination of Indian breakfasts and weight loss?? When it’s diet food one may hear fancy names like quinoa, oats, and granola and may be pulled to try something that’s not the usual food. Well, we still stand by the Incredible Indian foods that can do wonders. India is a nation with rich diversity, varied culture, and delicious cuisine. Adding to the deliciousness is the thought process that went into every single food. It turns out that India has some of the healthiest, low-calorie, and low-fat options that are also super rejuvenating. And these are ideal for literally everyone out there starting from a child to a golden ager, a vegan, a vegetarian, and to anyone and everyone for every single day.
We are here to spread the heartiness of our Incredible Indian breakfasts that are diet-friendly and yet super tasty.
The very first thing in a good diet is to not start the day with oily foods and switch to steamed ones. Idli is one such amazing and popular Indian breakfast which is a soft & fluffy steamed cake made of fermented rice & lentil batter. Idlis are made of fermented batter, which is high in protein, rich in fibers, low in fat, easy to digest, and probiotics for a healthy gut. Starting a day with these foods rich in probiotics upturn the population of beneficial microbiota and downturn the abundance of detrimental microbiota in the gut and is the best treat your body would need. And then comes the dosa made with a similar batter but in different proportions. This popular recipe again holds all the goodness mentioned for idli. To dish out these amazing dishes and reap every benefit we bring to you our AMK Krishna and Mr. Idly premium rice varieties.
The next thing on the menu is the comforting rice porridge ideal to eat on any day. Porridge is one of the dishes that are into being ever since civilization. This recipe takes the minimum cooking time, is easy to be made on a tiring day, and is the most preferred when unwell. It soothes your senses, tops up your energy levels, and aids in weight loss. This humble porridge is highly popular in countries like China and Korea popularly called the Congee aiding their healthy lifestyle.
Who knew you could still eat these divine Indian breakfasts and yet achieve weight loss purposes too? Reap the joy of our country’s very own delightful recipes for your healthful days and relish our rice to rejoice lives!!
Promising to you excellence with the best in class rice for you to rise and shine!

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