Empowering Women and Building Strong Communities

Empowering Women and Building Strong Communities: The AMK Krishna Rice Mill Story In the heart of our operations at AMK

Celebrating World Idly Day

A Global Feast with AMK Krishna Rice Every year on March 30th, food lovers around the world come together to

Women Health

Rice: A Nutrient-Rich Staple for Women’s Health and Children’s Well-Being Rice, often considered a staple dish in many cultures, has

Idly Rice Industry

Navigating Trends, Exports, and Consumer Expectations in 2024 The idly rice industry has been a staple in the culinary landscape,

Rice Rituals

The Symbolism and Significance of Rice in Indian Weddings In the vibrant tapestry of Indian weddings, where traditions and rituals

Idly rice its heritage

Savoring Tradition: AMK Krishna Rice, the Epitome of Idly Rice Excellence The ritual of savoring soft, fluffy idlies is nothing

Buhler German Technology

AMK Krishna Rice Mill’s Comprehensive Approach to Rice Production In the heart of Tamil Nadu, a ground breaking transformation has

Myth and Benefits of Rice

Most asked question about rice would be – Is rice good for health? And the answer is yes, there are

What is Ponni Rice?

Ponni rice is named after the Kaveri River, also known as Ponni in Tamil Nadu. The Kaveri River delta, which

India Rice Market Analysis

Rice is one of the world’s most essential staple crops, providing a source of food for billions of people. The