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The best Idly rice for South Indian Idly eaters

The best Idly rice for South Indian Idly eaters

Idli is one of the yummiest foods that you can eat. This soft, spongy dish is a regular breakfast option among many south Indian households. Loaded with gut-friendly bacteria and probiotics, Idly tastes best when eaten with hot, piping sambar and coconut chutney. Sambar with lots of lentils and vegetables in it itself is healthy food. The coconut chutney, that’s a usual accompaniment for soft, fluffy idlis has a lot of healthy fats and nutritional elements to offer.

In order to make soft and spongy Idlis, one has to use a particular type of rice called Idly rice. Idly 0 is basically short-grain parboiled rice that’s generally used for making idlis. It is determined by its short and round looks. 

The Idli rice has a fast-cooking quality and it is non-sticky even after cooking. Idly rice is famous for its use in many other south Indian dishes as well such as porridge/stock for elders and babies. AMK Idli rice is grown organically without the use of pesticides which makes it easily digestible with nutritional benefits too. Idly made from Idly rice contains just 39 calories making it a low-calorie meal option for weight watchers. 

Idli is rich in carbs, a variety of proteins, good fats, enzymes, essential amino acids, and dietary fiber. The benefit is that it doesn’t contain any saturated fats or cholesterol. As a filling and healthy south Indian food for breakfast, you can have 4 Idlis to obtain around 300 to 350 calories. Idli is digested very easily by our digestive system and is rich in iron content as well.

With all of its health benefits and amazing taste and its ability to be paired with multiple options of side dishes like chutney, sambar, ketchup, dal, pickles, and so on idly is for sure a favorite South Indian breakfast option. Idly is now popular among the North Indian community also. It is internationally famous.  Without any dairy or meat ingredients in it, it is a vegan-friendly food option. 

AMK Krishna rice is a popular rice brand based in Tamil Nadu. They are experts at manufacturing a variety of rice options for your daily needs like Idly rice, dosa rice, sona masoori rice and so on. Their Idly rice is available under different categories like AMK Krishna Idly rice, AMK Mr. Idli rice, AMK Oscar idly rice, AMK Alayam Idly rice, and AMK Tamilian Idly rice. These are excellent options for making yummy and nutritious idlis. They are available under a number of budget options like Rs. 160 to Rs. 280 for a 5 kg rice bag.  

AMK brand began its journey to serve people healthy and nutritious rice for daily consumption in 1964. Since 1964 AMK brand has been achieving milestones in excellence to provide the best quality rice for its customers. Currently, AMK brand is into its third generation of business and is successfully adapting itself to the tech era. AMK Krishna Rice brand is one of the best brands for Idly rice in the market. Affordably priced and high in quality it is the best option for your daily idly needs. And that is why it is a best-seller among the Idly lovers and home chefs. 

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