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The Ultimate Breakfast for a Happy Weight Loss

The Ultimate Breakfast for a Happy Weight Loss

Whether it is a little kid or an adult, everyone drools over the moment of steaming hot idli or fresh from pan dosa with spicy sambar and an assortment of delicious chutney. However, if you are someone who loves food but, is on a diet, trying to lose weight by relying on fruits, raw vegetables, oats, and stuff like these, the journey may be arduous. Trying to lose weight with a boring diet can be tiring and make you lose interest in losing weight. Nevertheless, there is always a solution to every problem and so it is for this.

Are you someone who is bored of eating oats, quinoa, cornflakes, fruits, and veggies to lose those extra kilos and find your diet unexciting?? If so, you are at the right place to find ways to healthily lose some extra pounds with a delicious food intake. Indian cuisines are known for their rich spices, mesmerizing flavors, and herbs and there are some dishes that are just perfect for weight loss. A healthy way to kick start a day is to have the best breakfast as supported by researches that those consuming a good breakfast tend to be more successful at losing weight compared to the ones who skip them. Subsequently, if you really looking ahead to shedding some weight in just a few days then, stick to this amazing, fine fettle Indian breakfast and achieve your goals gleefully.

The wonderful breakfast that we have been talking about is none other than the most popular idli. When it comes to weight loss by delighting in something very delicious then, idli is something that takes the first place on the list. Idli is nothing but a perfect combination of rice and urad dal ground well and fermented before cooked and is enriched with a lot of fibers and protein. The batter is steamed containing no oil thus making it easier to digest and is lesser in calories preventing the carbs from depositing in your body.

In an era where antibiotics are being prescribed to us and the gut flora is so frequently damaged, our traditional fermented recipe is what your gut loves. The secret of idli majorly lies in the fermentation process as this food replenishes the digestive tract and improves absorption of nutrients by breaking down the minerals and vitamins in the body, which further helps in digestion. This heroic South Indian recipe is considered one of the best breakfasts across the world and is a sagacious choice for weight loss.

This South Indian sustenance holds a remarkable locus and continues to stay atop among health and fitness aficionados too. Marveling why? Indeed, the credit goes to its health benefits and most prominently, its capability to help shed some weight. So, say yes to Idli and say yes to happy weight loss.

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