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When you think of breakfast, especially in the south, it’s the pictures of soft, fluffy, and steaming idlis and crispy dosa with varieties of chutney and hot sambar that pop into one’s mind. This breakfast variety has gained cult status across the globe over the years and indeed is a favorite to many. Idlis and dosas are quite popular and are usually made in households and at restaurants not just for their taste but also for their health benefits. Also there are some places that are very famous for making finger-licking delicious idlis and dosas that people stand in queue for. What if we said you can make literally the most appetizing idlis and dosas at your home and still stay within budget? If you are reading this, you are at the right place to discover the key to absolute delectation. AMK Krishna is a renowned brand long-standing through generations for setting standards for quality and delighting you with what you deserve.

Idli and dosa are humble recipes that require very few ingredients to make with rice taking a major proportion. By rice, it’s not just any rice but the rice dedicated to making idlis. To find more information on the best type of rice for making idlis/dosa check out our previous blogs. We source high-quality rice from different states of India and proudly long stand in delivering premium idli rice to customers at a very affordable price. Our idli rice varieties come in different price ranges set with an objective to make it approachable for everyone to savor what is claimed to be the best. AMK sells idli rice under four titles, AMK Krishna, CWC, Mr. Idly, Oscar, Aalayam, and Tamilan with each one of them marking the brand’s success.

With ages of mastering the art of sourcing premium quality rice, AMK has a multitude of varieties for each segment at competitive prices. Starting with the flagship brand of AMK, the Krishna kranthi idli rice remains at the top for its superior quality and unparalleled taste. Then comes the CWC, the rice variant highly suitable for the Hotel, Restaurant, and canteen (HORECA) segments for their high yield and higher taste at a low cost. The most preferred mister that does the magic in the kitchens, Mr.Idly is one of our highly preferred rice variants across locations mainly due to its selling cost.

In addition to selling across the country, AMK has also taken a step to take the much-loved brand to every place with our Aalayam special idli rice which is a package of superior quality and effective cost together. Lastly, it is our Tamilan special idli rice preferred by both households and hotels for every amazing quality they hold for the price it is sold.

For delighting in the super soft idlis and mouthwatering dosas make AMK Krishna rice your choice!

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