Hacks for Rice That Save Lives

Hacks for Rice That Save Lives

Rice is a marvelous crop that has become synonymous with food. It is a nutritional food that doesn’t just provide your daily carbs but also enhances your immune system and keeps you healthy. This amazing essential requires to be cooked in just the right way to look & taste perfect. There may be times when the rice would have got gummy or would have been either undercooked or overcooked, or when weevils rule your rice. In such circumstances, it is prone to get wasted. However, the hard-earned food doesn’t deserve to be thrown away just like that with the fact being that the world is already in shortage of rice supply. Here are some hacks that can lend you a helping hand when you are put into a situation to deal with the not so perfect rice. 

  • Hack for the bugs that bug you! – Though rice has a longer shelf life it is also prone to attack by the pests just like any other food grain rice. The most commonly encountered ones are rice weevils, maggots, and worms. You don’t have to throw away truckloads of rice/ rice flour on spotting these as the pests in rice and their larvae don’t carry any pathogens and are not harmful to human health. Firstly, it is important to store rice properly in a tightly closed container in a cool and dry place. Storage containers must be free from large and small openings to prevent insects, pests, and foreign matter to gain entree to stored grains. However, in case the pests are still found, simply dry the rice in sun or freeze the grains to purify any infested grains or to eradicate larvae.
  • Hack for the mushy rice that makes everything so fussy – In case you find the rice to be completely cooked but has excess water still left, immediately drain and cook with the lid open. Else place slices of bread or a clean towel on top which can absorb the moisture and save your rice. However, if your rice is cooked too far to be rescued from turning slushy just don’t worry, you can still turn it into rice pudding, porridge, or even make crispy rice nuggets. (Check out our previous blogs if you have missed out on this delicious recipe!)
  • Trick the undercooked – Rice gets underdone when there’s less water or if you open the lid a little too early. But this is a no worry scene; just add some more water to the uncooked rice and get it cooked.

Regrettably, at times you may have to recook your rice or deal with the bugs in it. But you don’t have to worry anymore. With these modest tricks and tips, you will now be able to tackle these concerns much better than ever before!

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