Crispy rice nuggets - An ultimate choice to crunch down your snack cravings
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Crispy rice nuggets – An ultimate choice to crunch down your snack cravings

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. There is so much we love to do in our day-to-day life but there is nothing that quite matches the love for our food. In fact, all the work that we do for our living is majorly for relishing good food which consistently pleases and sustains us. Food isn’t just something we only eat when hungry, it is something so engaging, delighting, tasty, attractive, and unctuous. Food is at the heart of everything we do and rice takes a special place amidst everything else. Rice isn’t something that can only be eaten in the most customary way. There is so much more you can do with rice. When experiencing an intense desire to munch on something tasty and want to cook in no time, this ultimate rice recipe will be the most ideal one for you.

To start with, cook some rice and keep it ready. This crispy rice nugget can also be made with leftover rice, thus turning the leftover into a star-like recipe. To the rice, add some finely chopped coriander, green chilies as per your spice tolerance, a spoon of vinegar, salt to taste, toasted sesame seeds, breadcrumbs, little ginger garlic paste, and combine them well. You can extend the recipe according to your taste and preferences by adding finely chopped vegetables like carrot, beans, and green peas or boiled potato, or even chicken to the rice mixture. To add more deliciousness to the snack, you can add some grated cheese and enjoy the chewy, cheesy, and creamy taste in every bite.

Take a small portion of this mixture and roll it to the shape of your choice. Side by side, prepare cornflour slurry by mixing some cornflour, pepper, and salt in water. Dip the rolled nugget in the slurry and then coat it well with the breadcrumbs. Gently place the nuggets in the hot oil and fry them until golden brown and crisp. Make sure the oil is hot enough so as to avoid the nugget from sucking more oil. You can also air fry or bake the nuggets by lightly coating them with oil if you are conscious of oil-frying. Take your time and crisp the rice until golden and crunchy. Serve the yummy snack with a dip of your choice and enjoy the delicacy of taste hiding in every bite.

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