Idly/Dosa rice, Rice brand

The best buy for the best idli and dosa in your budget

When you think of breakfast, especially in the south, it’s the pictures of soft, fluffy, and steaming idlis and crispy dosa with varieties of chutney and hot sambar that pop into one’s mind. This...

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Rice brand

How AMK Krishna Rice is a successful rice brand in India?

Rice, wheat, and maize are the most produced food crops in the world and they constitute about 45% of the calories consumed by people. Of these, rice is a crop highly consumed and loved...

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Idly/Dosa rice, Ponni rice, Rice brand

India’s natural, organic farming strategy for rice

The cultivation of Ponni rice has been in the picture ever since the civilization of mankind. Rice farming required a very fertile land with a good water supply where seeds were sown to reap...

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