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AMK Krishna Rice – A risk-free super fuel source and an athlete’s bosom buddy

AMK Krishna Rice - A risk-free super fuel source and an athlete’s bosom buddyNutrition and food facts are like a minefield of information that’s sometimes really bewildering. The nutritional benefit gained from eating a particular variety of food is of high importance, especially for those working dedicatedly to enhance physical performance. The conscience of the athletes, sportsmen, and bodybuilders is rigid when it comes to food to not derail their hard work and dedication due to a wrong choice. Fortunately, any food while taken in moderation is no harm and does not derail the hard work. However, choosing the wisest food is very vital for continuously molding the body and attaining the goal. Tunneling down to the athletes, they require complex carbs to remain energized all through the session which lasts for hours and hours. 

Speaking of food, the very first item that comes to mind is the staple rice. Although there are several misconceptions about rice, the benefits they are known to offer are unbeatable. Rice is a nutrient-dense powerhouse of complex carbohydrates that boost energy levels and helps to stay spirited for a prolonged period. The beauty of rice is that along with being an excellent source of carbs it carries the added advantage of containing almost no fat and zero cholesterol. Unlike other not so filling but high in unwanted calorie foods, white rice is a super filling and satiating food which at the same time has the right calories. With all these qualities, rice qualifies as one of the unmissable foods, especially for an athlete. Consumption of white rice in the right portion as a key carbohydrate source aids in replenishing glycogen levels and provides a burst of energy for effective training.

Rice being a complex carbohydrate gets assimilated slowly providing stamina all through the day. The magical tale of rice doesn’t end with just providing energy. Being rich in carbs, it replenishes the liver and muscle glycogen stores aiding quicker repair and recovery that is patently needed by bodybuilders and sportsmen. It is a fitness buff enriched with a good amount of fiber, vitamin B complex, iron, magnesium, and bone-building phosphorus and protein. These claims are not just from us but are the words of the athletes too. Competitive athletes are said to require nearly 3-4 times more carbohydrates than the protein they consume to fight off fatigue and have healthy resistance and endurance training.

The staple rice is something more than just a versatile grain! It’s super nutritious too! Rice is a definite portion of any athlete’s plate and is a bosom buddy that stays all through cheering up their body for the big day. If you are an athlete or someone working on building your physical, knowing how to keep up with energy levels throughout your work is super essential. Don’t be taken aback by the misconceptions, take off to reach your goals by taking in the perfect carbohydrate for high-rate energy!

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