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The Evolution of AMK Krishna over the Years

The Evolution of AMK Krishna over the Years

It all began in 1964 in a small town of Tamil Nadu by A.M. Krishnaswamy Gounder, whose name the company bears today entitling him with respect every single day. The story of Mr. A.M. Krishnaswamy Gounder is no lesser than an archetype heroic story that transitioned from being a farmer to a mill worker to then owning a mill. The founder started milling under the banner of Valarmati rice mill on a small scale and sold the rice to nearby villages and cities on bullock carts to take the best to the people. It was the work of a small team under the guidance of Mr. Krishnaswamy but with huge dreams.

Inspired by the thoughts and with an intention to take his father’s establishment to the next level, Mr. A.K. Durai Raj stepped into the organization. His dreams were not limited to just retaining the founding of his father but were scoped far beyond anybody’s thoughts. He took over the business in 1975 and took up the milling process to advanced levels with the introduction of hi-tech equipment imported from world-class suppliers. In his era, he established two mills, the Tamizhan modern mill in 1984 and the flagship Alayam Hi-tech mill in 2006 employing a greater part of his vision to implement advanced machinery, automate the process, and establish quality control. To achieve his vision of creating a big picture, he continues to hold the chair as the Chairman taking the company to further heights.

AMK stepped into the third generation of business with Mr. Arun Chandran joining the committee as the managing director in 2007. The young vibrant mind took off the business to the next level by marking a strong presence in the global market. His steps were oriented towards creating the brand picture in the minds of people across the globe. With a good combination of motivational, strategic, and tactical ideas and insights on growing a business, the MD of AMK is on a continuous voyage to make every vision a reality.

To be where we are today wasn’t an easy journey, it was a path of thorns and hurdles, but we never derailed from our backbreaking work for we knew the destination would be beautiful. This destination we reached isn’t the end story but is just a phase that led us to another. Our yearning to stand a place in everyone’s heart and be the hero of the rice industry and contribute endlessly to the society we live in is a long-running journey.

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