The Acclaimed South Indian Delicacy Embraced Across the Globe

The obsession of the people with rice remains to be a secret to the world. It’s not just limited to rice but also so many other kinds of stuff made from rice like idli, dosa, paniyaram and so much more. Idli and dosa are the most common breakfast served in many of the south Indian homes and also in hotels which are served along with varieties of chutney, sambar, and molaga podi/ gunpowder floating in the gingelly oil. .

These savory, fermented, fluffy rice cakes and crispy dosas are iconic recipes of south India which gradually got spread across the sphere by the ubiquitous and cheerful restaurants. The culture and love for idli and dosa are embraced beyond the place of origin due to their warm and hearty feel which is further enhanced by the taste of the different flavors dressing them.

Though famous and much preferred, the making of idli and dosa is not really easy. There is a crucial and mystical method that lies behind the process of making idli and dosa with a few of the ingredients going into the batter like urad dhal, fenugreek, common salt, and most predominantly the idli rice that are soaked, ground, and fermented rightly to the perfect consistency ready to be steamed for savoring it.

Thanks to the advancements in technology that put into light the wet grinders to macerate the idli rice and dhal with the help of two stones churning together similar to the traditional manual grinding. This traditional dish is acclaimed to be one of the healthiest foods to be consumed for breakfast due to its amazing characteristics of being gluten-free, zero fat and cholesterol, and richness in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

The benefits relished by eating idli/dosa are innumerable which will make you flip your cookbook to definitely include it in your diet.

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