Beauty and the RICE

The love for rice across the globe is well known and as a matter of fact, it is the staple to more than half the population of the world. Apart from rice just being eaten around the world since times unknown, it has also been used for various other purposes like ripening fruit, cleaning pots and vases, sharpening blades, making heat compress, body care, and a lot more of which the ones that gained more attention are its use for skin and hair care, and beautification. Rice is a grain enriched with numerous vitamins, minerals, and other essentials like amino acids, antioxidants, glycerides, starch and so much more. These essentials are making the use of rice in beauty products on a rise. Rice is used in a large number of cosmetics for both skin and hair care and is commercially available under the banner of several brands. The use of rice for nurturing the body isn’t any new. It has been in use since the ancient period to prevent and cure skin acne, dryness, sunburn, hair fall, hair damage, and even as a compress ball for pain relief and relaxation.

Rice for Skin:

Rice being rich in nurturing essentials like antioxidants and elastase, reduce the effect of aging and keeps skin glowing and young for longer. Washing the face with fermented rice water boosts the production of collagen and fades away dullness, blemishes, and pigmentation thus illuminating the skin. Rice being rich in Vitamin E, Ferulic acid and Aminos helps tone up, reduce pores, and removes blackheads from the face. Application of rice facial mask and face cream on a regular basis gives a magical result in the most natural way thus avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals. Apart from its use for beautification, rice can also be used to treat skin dermatitis and inflammations, and soothe sensitive skin against irritation caused by Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) which is the most commonly found chemical in various skin and hair care products.

Rice for Hair:

Rice water is a really good conditioner and it is likely to lead to hair growth with frequent use. The inositol present in rice has the capability to repair damaged hair from the outside to the inside up to the roots. Application of rice mask to the hair before hair wash and rinsing of washed hair with fermented rice water helps to get stronger, smooth, and damage-free hair. It also helps in curing brittle hair, and dry and itchy scalp conditions, and thus promotes hair growth.Rice is a magical elixir that helps in treating various skin and hair conditions and keeps us young, healthy, and beautiful in the most natural way. It is known to be highly used by Koreans and Japanese who are known to have a clear, glass-like skin of high elasticity. The benefits of rice have been realized and utilized by our ancestors and are now carried to us to get the best out of its use. And there goes RICE on a RISE!

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