Introducing you to another spectacular variation of Dosa: The Neer Dosa

If you are running a kitchen for ages and wonder what food to cook every single day that can excite your family and turn up empty vessels, here is one such amazing recipe for you to delight your dear ones. Today’s new recipe is the light, fluffy and soft Neer Dosa which is something you will surely love. Before starting off with the recipe there is something you need to know about Neer Dosa. It is a soft, white lacy crepe origin in Mangalore of Karnataka and is the specialty of its cuisine. It gets its name Neer Dosa where ‘Neer’ means water in both Tulu and Kannada as the batter for this variety of dosa is very watery, unlike the usual thick dosa batter. This recipe doesn’t involve too many ingredients and can be prepared very quickly as it doesn’t even require to be fermented like the typical dosa.

Steps to make:

Rinse and then soak the rice grains in water for about 4 hours or even overnight will work. Grind the soaked rice to a fine batter with 3/4th cup of water in a mixer/ grinder. You can also add about 5-6 spoons of grated coconut while blending rice as per your taste preferences. Grind it till the batter is smooth and keep in mind not to add a lot of water while blending. Pour more water to get a thin, watery, flowing consistency like thin buttermilk, and then add enough salt to taste.

Heat the pan to high temperature and drizzle a few drops of oil and spread all over the pan. It is preferable to use a thick iron pan for making it however, even a non-stick pan will do. Make sure to stir the batter before making every dosa so as to avoid the granules from settling down. Now pour the batter from outwards to inwards and gradually fill in the gaps with the batter. Cover it with a lid and cook until done. Keep in mind not to spread, flip or roast it like we do while cooking the usual dosa. 

Serve them with the typical companion the Mangalore style chicken ghee roast or fish curry and if you are a veggie-go-eaterian, a paneer ghee roast, tomato kurma, coconut chutney or a perfectly tempered vegetable stew, or just ghee and jaggery will make the perfect match. Make the best of neer dosa with AMK Krishna’s premium Krishna idli /dosa rice or even with our finest Mr. Idly rice. Introduce your family to this amazing recipe and wake up their extra hunger and crave for it ever after.

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