A New To List & A Must Try Delicious Beverage – Rice Milk
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A New To List & A Must Try Delicious Beverage – Rice Milk

Rice being very versatile and uniquely flavored, zillions of recipes can be dished out with it. Rice milk is one such amazing thing on the rice menu. Rice milk is nothing but a plant-based, healthy new alternative to the regular dairy milk enriched with vitamins and minerals. Amongst the list of non-dairy vegan milk alternatives like almond milk, soya milk, oats milk, and others, rice milk stands out for its suitability to everyone as it is gluten-free, highly nutritious, flavorful, and can even be consumed by those who are allergic to nuts and are lactose intolerant. It is very light and extremely refreshing creamy milk that can be consumed just like regular milk. And below is the recipe to one such wonderful rice recipe absolutely for you!

Rice milk is a very simple, smooth, and creamy recipe that one will totally love. All that you will need for this recipe is some really good rice with amazing flavor, the most ideal one being our AMK rice. Firstly cook rice as you would usually do or the other option is to add rice to hot boiling water off the stove and close it with a lid to allow it to get cooked partially for about 2-3 hours. The first method will fetch you creamy milk and the second method will give a little starchy, raw flavor, and can choose the one that suits your taste. The beauty of this incredible recipe is that you can even use the leftover rice for making this. 

Add the cooked rice and some water to a mixer or food processor and blend them together at high speed until smooth. You can add as much water you want to bring it to the consistency you prefer. Strain the milk into a container using a nut milk bag or cheesecloth or with a fine-mesh sieve. Squeeze gently to get all the milk out and save the muddled rice mixture for dishing out some other recipe without wasting it. Add a pinch of salt & you can consume it just this way as rice milk has a mild sweetness inborn or you can add sweeteners like dates syrup, sugar, or honey. 

Just like rice, rice milk is also very versatile that it can be flavored to add an extra enjoyable touch to your drink. You can experiment with it in several ways and here are some of them for you!

·        If you want a creamier version and non-allergic to nuts, blend the milk with a handful of cashews and almonds. 

·        If you are a yes to the chocolate person then serve with Cocoa powder for delicious chocolate milk. It tastes the best even with the addition of flavorings like vanilla extract, rose essence, cinnamon, or nutmeg powder.

This wonderful recipe definitely deserves a try and once tried, the taste will make you always go for it. Nevertheless, it is a safe choice for those allergic to lactose, nuts, or soy.

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