Crispy Idli Tikka: Leftovers to super-dupers

The Best Idly Rice of South India

Idlis are, by far, one of the most famous breakfast options across India. This authentic South-Indian recipe has traveled far and wide. Not only are idlis delicious but are extremely healthy as well. However, making perfect idlis requires loads of practice and patience. Any recipe, for that matter, has to be learned and honed for months and years before attaining perfection. But a major factor that differentiates great idlis from average ones is the rice used for making them. Idly rice has become a common variety of choices to use while making idlis. Idly Rice of South India

Idly rice is nothing but good quality medium-short grain parboiled rice. Firstly, this form of rice is considered healthier than the common white rice. Parboiled rice is nutritious and energy powerhouses. Thus, it makes idlis a great energy breakfast. With so many sub-par idly rice varieties on the market, it can be hard to choose the best one. We, at AMK, offer you a range of the purest idly rice. Grown and processed in the heart of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, our idly rice retains its true authenticity.

What makes us different?

AMK is a well-renowned brand that started in 1964. With years of cumulative experience in the industry, we have mastered the craft of delivering the best rice varieties to our customers. We are now a third-generation business running successfully in the modern era. The reason we’re so sure about our products is that we truly understand the value of the process that goes into making each grain. Idly Rice of South India

Through generations, we have learned and re-structured our products to make them stand strong in today’s highly competitive and quality-driven market. The premium quality is the single biggest reason for our brand to become a household name. Most importantly, each of our rice varieties comes in a range of price options. This makes our products extremely affordable and accessible to all.
AMK’s Idly Rice comes in six different packaging types. Our natural processing methods ensure that when cooked, each grain comes out nice and fluffy. If you’ve ever missed out on grandma’s cooking and longed to go back home, this is the perfect ingredient to bring home to you instead. Add AMK’s assorted idly rice to your recipe and turn out soft, steamy, and mouth-watering idlis every time. Explore our rice range and bring the real taste of South India to your plate!

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