The Acclaimed South Indian Delicacy Embraced Across the Globe
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Rice recipes that is in the hearts of many

Rice is a comfort food not just in India but also among various countries in the world. It has been a companion not just in our everyday lives but also in our joyful celebrations, sanctity, and sickness. Rice is the absolute uncontested staple food for millions of people out there. Here are some of the special recipes of rice that has touched the hearts of many suiting every occasion and also the comfort rice recipes that can just take away your sickness and make you feel good. And you are just a few lines ahead to witness the tempting recipes. Here you go! 

A food of celebrations and joy: Try this once and you will have a special place for this recipe in your heart that you will never want to miss in any other celebration of yours. Melt a cube of butter and add the spices, well chopped green chilies, and garlic to it. Pour the coconut milk into it and cook the rice in it with the required water. Sprinkle with some salt to your taste and dribble the well-fried onions and cashews over it. A recipe of utmost taste is all yours to devour with joy.

A recipe for every sanctified ritual: A super easy sweet recipe with minimum ingredients that is not just holy to serve but divinely in taste too will impress everyone who has a bite. It’s the rice kheer- a pudding of milk and rice. Many may suggest basmati however small grain rice gets slightly mushy which gives a creamy texture and enriches the dessert. Boil the milk in a heavy bottom pan till it reduces to 3/4th. Add the drained rice to it along with a few strands of saffron and a pinch of cardamom powder. Cook it on low heat and add the required sugar to your taste. Drizzle with finely chopped nuts and rose water or kewra water to give it a royal touch. Offer to the divine and savor the fine. 

An immune-boosting prescription:  Isn’t a little extra comfort food all that you need during sick days and cold nights? Porridge stands at the top of the list of food for the sick. However, it doesn’t have to be boring; they are versatile enough for you to throw in a lot of flavors. Cook some rice with ½ teaspoon of jeera and required salt in excess of water like for a soup. Add in a few cloves of finely chopped garlic, ginger, and some cooling vegetables like cabbage and broccoli. A nourishing recipe that will surely hit the spot when you’re sick and make you feel warm. Trust me, it works great!

Try them out and enjoy a wonderful time with the best rice recipes for you.

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