Rava Dosa


  • 4-5 idli to make around 30 pieces
  • Idli chutney power or Eed chilli powder or Garam masala powder

Preparation Method

Slice the idlis into thin fingers . One idli makes for around 7-8 slices depensing on its size. Heat some oil for deep frying in a pan. Drop them when the oil is hot(medium-high heat). Turn them in about 1 minute when it turns reddish brown. Remove when its golden all around.Drain excess oil on paper towels. If fried right, you would hardly see any oil in the paper. Sprinkle some chilli powder, garam masala or idli chutney powder or any other seasoning you like. Serve warm with any accompaniment of your choice. It tastes great with Coconut Chutney, Spicy hot red Chutney and ketchup.

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