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Rice Is A Staple Food Throughout India

Rice is a staple food throughout India. Rice is one of the most produced food and chief grains in India. The country has the largest area under rice cultivation. Based on the type of region, rice is cultivated using various methods. Rice is grown in rain-fed areas that receive heavy annual rainfall. Rice Is A Staple Food Throughout India

 What is a “staple food”?

A staple food, or simply a staple, is a food that is eaten routinely as an everyday meal and constitutes the dominant portion of a standard diet, supplying a large fraction of energy needs. Specific staples vary from place to place and are inexpensive or readily available food. They provide one or more macronutrients needed for survival and health.

Rice is one of the most consumed foods across the world, a staple in many countries. Whereas, India’s 50% of its population depends on rice for living. Rice is rich in nutrients and vitamins and minerals. It is a brilliant source of complex carbohydrates. The study shows that nine out of every ten people in the world who consume rice are Asian.

Indian cuisine has an incredible range of rice varieties like kheer, pulao, biriyani and many more. Practically, rice is a superfood and has a tremendous range of benefits.

  • No cholesterol
  • Plenty of energy
  • Vitamin rich
  • Gluten free
  • High antioxidant

AMK’s Finest Quality Rice – Rich In Nutritional Content

India is a home to a wide variety of rice brands. AMK’s rice varieties are cultivated in a rich land of mountains and plains. They are safely gathered, dried, and the grain is separated from the stalk. To make it ready to eat, rice goes through a process called milling – husk, bran layer, and germ are removed, resulting in what is known as AMK’s white rice of Tamil Nadu.

Today, the mill has the capacity to process 40 tons of rice using the best-of-the-breed Korean technology and automated machinery is used to deliver quality products to our customers. Our top selling rice varieties include Idly Rice, Ponni Rice, Broken Rice, Basmati Rice, and Organic Rice. Some safety precautions should be incorporated for cooking and storing rice, and cooking/preparation methods to maintain the nutritive value.

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