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Navigating Trends, Exports, and Consumer Expectations in 2024

The idly rice industry has been a staple in the culinary landscape, and recent trends suggest that its prominence is set to rise further in the wake of changing global dynamics. As we step into the new year, 2024 holds promises and challenges for idly rice exports, shaping the industry’s trajectory. Let’s delve into recent developments, insights from professionals, and the pulse of the market to decipher what lies ahead.

Recent News and Insights

Several articles from reputable sources such as The Hindu and The Times of India have shed light on the surge in idly rice exports, particularly since December 2023. With the new year ushering in, the idly rice industry is witnessing a positive momentum in exports. The Times of India reported a notable increase in demand for idly rice market, attributing it to changing consumer preferences both domestically and internationally.

Interviews with Industry Professionals

Recent interviews with prominent figures in the rice industry, particularly focusing on idly rice manufacturers in Tamil Nadu, shed light on the dynamic landscape post-September 2023. AMK Krishna Rice emerges as a leader in the idly rice market, and industry professionals have shared their insights on the burgeoning demand for this culinary delight.

Ms. Anitha Raghavan, Senior Marketing Manager, Tamil Nadu Rice Mills Association

Tamil Nadu has always been a key player in the rice industry, and the recent spike in demand for idly rice has been remarkable. AMK Krishna Rice has indeed carved a niche for itself, leading the way in providing top-notch quality. The convenience factor of idly rice has become a game-changer, and we foresee Tamil Nadu contributing significantly to the global idly rice market.

Mr. Karthik Sundaram, Renowned Rice Exporter

The international market is evolving, and idly rice, in particular, has garnered substantial attention. It’s not just about the taste but also the cultural experience it brings to the table. AMK Krishna Rice’s commitment to quality has set a benchmark in the industry. Exporters are keenly watching this trend and aligning their strategies to tap into the global idly rice demand.

Ms. Deepa Sharma, Head of Global Sourcing, International Retail Chain

“As a global retail chain, we’ve witnessed a surge in the demand for idly rice across our stores. Consumers are looking for authentic and diverse culinary experiences, and idly rice perfectly fits the bill. AMK Krishna Rice has consistently delivered on quality, making it a preferred choice for our customers. The trend indicates a promising future for idly rice in the international market.”

These industry professionals collectively highlight the pivotal role AMK Krishna Rice plays in shaping the idly rice landscape. The surge in demand is not merely a transient trend but reflects a fundamental shift in consumer preferences, both locally and globally. As AMK Krishna Rice continues to lead with innovation and quality, the idly rice industry looks set for sustained growth in the coming years.

Stocking Up in the US

Interestingly, there’s a trend of stocking up on idly rice in the US. Market reports suggest that distributors and retailers in the United States are recognizing the potential of idly rice, leading to increased imports. This strategic move aligns with the changing preferences of consumers in the US, who are exploring diverse and authentic culinary experiences, including the beloved idly.

Price Dynamics in 2023 and Projections for 2024

Last year 2023 witnessed a notable price hike in the rice market, impacting both domestic and international prices. Factors such as weather conditions, supply chain disruptions, and increased global demand contributed to this trend. However, as we move into 2024, there are indications that the market may witness some stabilization.

According to the US Department of Agriculture’s India, the forecast for India’s total rice production in the marketing year 2023-24 is projected to be 128 million metric tons, compared to 135.5 million metric tons in the previous year. This decrease might signal a recalibration in the market, potentially influencing prices.

Guidance for Rice Millers and Consumers in 2024

For rice millers, the focus in 2024 should be on adapting to changing consumer preferences and export dynamics. Investing in technology, maintaining quality standards, and exploring sustainable practices can position millers to capitalize on the evolving market.

Consumers, on the other hand, can expect a wider array of choices in the idly rice market. The growing popularity of diverse rice varieties signifies a shift in consumer preferences. Additionally, with potential price adjustments, consumers may find a more stable market in 2024.


In the face of changing dynamics, the idly rice market stands resilient and adaptable. The industry’s proactive response to evolving consumer preferences, international demands, and fluctuating production scenarios positions it for sustained growth. This is not a setback but an opportunity to recalibrate, refine, and reinvigorate the sector.

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