Idly/Dosa rice

How to Make Crispy IDLI AND DOSA Batter at Home: Quick Tips

Making the perfect dosas requires years of practice. This traditional recipe has been passed down through the generations. Dosa is a widely loved dish all across India and in several western countries. While it’s true that dosa-making is a skill and should be honed, a major factor is the ingredients that you use. Using sub-par ingredients can compromise the quality of the batter and an underwhelming dosa. Here are a few tips to make crispy dosa batter at home: IDLI AND DOSA

Tips to Make Crispy Dosa Batter at Home

  • High-Quality Ingredients: This cannot be stressed enough. The quality of your ingredients is a very important factor in your dosa batter. Using the wrong variety of rice or cheap lentils may not give you the result you were expecting. Using premium parboiled rice, such as AMK’s Idly Rice, can set you up for a perfect batter.
  • Grain Treatment: Rinse your grains thoroughly to remove any dirt. Use enough water and a large bowl for soaking your grains. You need to wash your grains to the point that there is clear water visible on the surface. By ensuring more water for your grains, you give them a chance to absorb and expand to their full potential. You need to soak your grains for a minimum of 6 hours before moving on to the next phase.
  • Grinding: This is an important process. Use a wet grinder or food processor to finely grind your grains. You should feel a smooth consistency in the batter. Take some batter on your fingers to feel any coarseness, if needed, add some water and grind again until smooth. This helps the bacteria ferment the batter faster and more efficiently.
  • Fermentation: One shouldn’t neglect this step as it can determine the rise and quality of your final batter. Fermentation is when bacteria break down the ingredients present in your batter, and in turn, help your batter rise. This is the same principle used in baking as well. However, for dosa batter, never place your batter in a cold place or refrigerator as this may stop the fermentation process altogether. Ferment your dosa batter at an ambiently warm temperature overnight (10-12 hours) for it to rise.

BONUS TIP: To check if your dosa batter is ready to cook with, you can perform the ‘Float Test’! The float test is a common test for baked products and can be applied to dosa batters as well. Gently scoop a small spoonful of dosa batter and carefully place it on the surface of a mug full of water. If the batter floats, that means it has finished fermenting, if it sinks, let it ferment for some more time. IDLI AND DOSA

The Best Quality Rice for Making Crispy Dosas

AMK’s range of Idly Rice is the best-suited ingredient to make dosas. AMK’s Idly Rice is made from the highest quality parboiled rice. This rice is the main ingredient for dosa batters.IDLI AND DOSA Each grain of rice is processed with utmost care at AMK. From a wide variety, you can choose the rice that fits your need and budget. Create smooth and creamy batters and mouth-watering dosas with AMK’s Idly Rice. Awake your inner chef and give it a try today!

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