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Bountiful Rice That Delight Our Taste Buds

Bountiful Rice That Delight Our Taste Buds

White, brown, red or black; it is so much loved by the people.  Yes, it’s the rice which is the global staple. There are thousands and thousands varieties of rice with each having its own peculiar taste, texture and unique properties that work well with different cooking applications. Each variety of rice adds its own sensory element to your dining experience. There are quite a lot of scrumptious recipes to savor the taste of rice that delights everyday eating and living. Rice is so versatile that it can be cooked in so many ways, be it something sweet or tangy or spicy that you are craving for. It lends itself to a limitless number of recipes. 

Most of the food that is loved incredibly by the people around the world like the highly flavorful and fragrant Biryani, soft and savory idly, crispy dosa, the Japanese onigiri, elegant and lightly seasoned fried rice and numerous others are all made with rice starring the bowl. And if you are a sweet tooth there is creamy and tasty rice kheer and traditional sweet pongal to satiate your sugary cravings. Just the well-cooked plain rice with a curry of perfect combination stands second to none in taste. Every recipe becomes quintessential when prepared with a suitable variety of rice.  Long, slender and aromatic Basmati rice enhances the taste of almost any dish especially the biryani which is a very famous dish that has moved the hearts of many people. And there is Jeeraga samba no less than Basmati rice to delight ones appetency. The age old rice is the best choice for dishing out soft and fluffy idlies that just melts as you eat. Be it the ponni rice or raw rice or boiled rice, everything possess its distinctive characteristics and makes every dish amazing in its own way.  

The beguiling nuttiness, glutinous taste, light floral aroma and chewy texture are unique to every variety and the choice of rice depends upon the cultural taste preferences of the people across the world. Since the inception till the present day, rice endures to play an integral role in sustaining both the world’s appetites and cultural traditions. Most of us have heart to heart connections with rice and love various authentic delicacies and mouth-watering dishes made of rice.  Every grain of rice is precious that rice is a luxury, despite the fact that it was served nearly every time. Ace the rice recipes and suffice your hunger.

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