Myth and Benefits of Rice

Most asked question about rice would be – Is rice good for health? And the answer is yes, there are

What is Ponni Rice?

Ponni rice is named after the Kaveri River, also known as Ponni in Tamil Nadu. The Kaveri River delta, which

India Rice Market Analysis

Rice is one of the world’s most essential staple crops, providing a source of food for billions of people. The

The Evolution of AMK Krishna over the Years

It all began in 1964 in a small town of Tamil Nadu by A.M. Krishnaswamy Gounder, whose name the company

AMK Krishna Rice – A risk-free super fuel source and an athlete’s bosom buddy

Nutrition and food facts are like a minefield of information that’s sometimes really bewildering. The nutritional benefit gained from eating


Rice is an emotion more than just a portion of food on the plates. By far, it is considered to

The best buy for the best idli and dosa in your budget

When you think of breakfast, especially in the south, it’s the pictures of soft, fluffy, and steaming idlis and crispy

How AMK Krishna Rice is a successful rice brand in India?

Rice, wheat, and maize are the most produced food crops in the world and they constitute about 45% of the

Is Rice a good food for Digestion?

Rice is a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and more than 15 essential vitamins and minerals that are pivotal

Incredible Indian Breakfasts for a Healthy Diet

Surprised to hear about the combination of Indian breakfasts and weight loss?? When it’s diet food one may hear fancy